PHI EXPLORER is a comprehensive information system based on research-action methodologies designed by experts in Behavior, Development and Organizational Change. It helps managers and professionals to collect, explore and analyze the concepts, opinions and perceptions of those situations and relationships where the human factor is present.

Through tools and quantitative and qualitative methods, it computerizes and integrates a flexible setting design of organizational variables that organizes the data gathering, to understand and make decisions prior to a new plan, and to evaluate its impact and suggest actions for change and improvement.

PHI EXPLORER integrates and processes information required to perform diagnosis, detect problems and identify areas of improvement in organizational management, by having parametrized, organized, and reliable information.


This tool is recommended to perform diagnosis and understand the possibilities for organizational improvement, to facilitate making decisions about necessary changes and actions focused in solutions. It is equally recommended to evaluate actions undertaken and implemented in any area of the organization, to provide feedback on the administration cycles and integrate corrective measures.

PHI EXPLORER integra y procesa la información requerida para realizar diagnósticos, detectar problemas e identificar oportunidades y posibilidades de áreas de mejora en la gestión organizacional, al contar con información parametrizada, organizada y confiable.

Through its methodologies and tools, PHI Explorer contributes to:

  • Count on a reliable information system
  • Manage knowledge and Organizational learning
  • Identify needs and solutions of change
  • Make decisions that are focused in solutions
  • Evaluate the impact of the changes implemented
  • Generate participation and commitment from people
  • Discover the development and performance of the Human Talent
  • Investigate and recognize problems, causes and consequences


PHI Explorer® integrates and processes information required to perform diagnosis, detect problems and identify opportunities and possibilities of improvement in Organizational Management.

The parametrized, organized and reliable information, can be easily accessed by any certified user, assisting them to investigate and perform studies on:

  • Organizational Culture
  • Measuring of the impact of Change projects
  • Security, Hygiene, and Occupational risks
  • Seguridad, higiene y riesgos Laborales
  • Quality of life in the workplace
  • Market and competition research
  • Internal and External Client Satisfaction
  • Project Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Evaluation of quantitative and qualitative results
  • Performance Evaluation, Trainings and Quality programs



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