PHI- LEARNING is a learning platform that facilitates content edition for training through e-learning courses, with the best features for course management, mentoring, evaluation, follow up and knowledge networks. With PHI-LEARNING, PHI METHODOLOGY promotes e-learning as a new virtual education model that offers many advantages for learning within the organizations.

E-learning as a new virtual education model offers many advantages:

  • Promotes the continuous learning of the Human Capital, improving their skills and competencies, making it an investment for the future.
  • Optimizes time and reduces infrastructure costs by having a remote study platform without interrupting work hours with in-company trainings.
  • Strengthens the commitment of the people, improving job satisfaction by considering the interest of the organization to expand their knowledge.
  • Facilitates compatibility of the different activities that each person has, by being able to access the platform at any time, without neglecting their work assignments or moments of leisure.
  • Constitutes a user friendly platform that allows people to study from wherever they are, without having to go anywhere, and requiring only a computer and connectivity.
  • Facilitates editing and updating content quickly and effortlessly.
  • Allows following up and controlling activities and access, evaluating progress.
  • Promotes the strategic guidelines of the organizations by facilitating learning that is customized to the real needs of the organization, optimizing time and money.



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