Nowadays, organizations require people management that promotes commitment and continuous learning to reach their quality, productivity, competitiveness and sustainability goals. To accomplish this, the human management processes must be focused on results and development of competencies. In order for the human management processes to be effective, the design and implementation of these tools must always include the leaders and their teams..

PHI PERFORMANCE is a methodological guide that allows to design and implement people management processes, improving the performance of the collaborators.


It consists of the main people management subsystems that have a direct impact on performance.

They are the subsystems that allow to:

  • Model and clarify the role of each collaborator within the organization
  • Agree on goals, indicators, and objectives in the different levels of the organization, aligned to the vision, mission, values and strategy.
  • Provide feedback and agree on the gap between required competencies and current development, as well as between agreed upon goals and results achieved.
  • Design an Individual Competencies Development Plan
  • Design a compensation system that is variable and related to accomplishment of goals

PHI PERFORMANCE contributes to the commitment of leaders and work teams in the accomplishment of individual goals, according to the strategic definitions of your company. It promotes continuous learning, focused on the development of work related competencies and result oriented.



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