Traditional recruiting methods are no longer effective and the motivations and interests of the candidates change continuously.


This is why PHI RECRUITER offers a tool that facilitates identification of applications for a certain position, attracting candidates that meet the requirements, with information that is added to the CV or the registration form, regarding the results from previous applications.

Through the interaction of several strategic filters, it is possible to identify suitable pre-candidates, facilitating fluid communication with the candidates and follow up through the website. It is also possible to adapt this tool to the needs of each organization.

PHI RECRUITER contributes to identifying pre-candidates that meet the requirements provided by the companies, which will allow for a better recruitment and selection process in a simpler, more centralized way, with follow ups of applications and job offers, in real time.


  • Greater effectiveness in candidate identification.
  • Centralizes CV reception from different sources, generating a single database.
  • Process management in real time.
  • Allows to broaden the basic information of the candidate, managing and capitalizing the work of the selection technicians, by adding tests, reports or other documents for each candidate.
  • Automatic communication with the candidate. Group or individual applications.
  • Makes it possible to define indicators of the recruitment and selection process: recruitment sources, process duration, result statistics, among others.



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