PHI- SYNERGY is an innovative methodology for strategic people management, which facilitates bilateral and multilateral control of tasks, goals and competencies by the different players in every level of an organization (owners, managers, employees, Human Resources Departments, etc.), through a simple and unique process, deeply impacting in the results of the people, the organization, and society.

It can improve the effectiveness of the Human Capital, facilitating its commitment to the vision, mission and strategy of the organization. It provides a process with tools to lead, focused on results and on people, empowering them.

PHI SYNERGY guides leaders and teams to commit to the development of their work competencies, task execution, follow up, measuring, evaluation and learning.


  • Strategic planning that turns action into results
  • More commitment from the people
  • Leaders that delegate by empowering
  • Flawless execution
  • Continuous learning and development of competencies
  • Management processes that empower people
  • Improvement of work climate
  • Management indicators that allow to understand the level of commitment by means of agreements, execution and learning



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