Best practices for successful talent management

We work hand in hand with companies to implement their strategic guidelines, providing the professionals, methodologies and processes that will ensure the permanence and development of candidates within the organizations, by means of best practices for appropriate talent management.

From the diagnosis, advising and execution of the continuous improvement strategies of the organizations, consulting is the tool that assists in implementing the strategies of the organizations through their people, to meet their goals.

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PHI Training At HUMAN PHI we are aware of the importance of the people within an organization. This is why we encourage continuous learning through personalized training solutions that allow the Human Capital to update and increase their knowledge and skills.

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For strategic positions, organizations require talents that may not be available in the job market. Attracting and selecting these professionals requires different forms of research and specific searches.

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Provision of temporary staff is a service that will enable your organization to meet seasonal demands by fully delegating Human Capital management to HUMAN PHI, who will deal with selecting, providing and managing staff, complying with all the benefits and legal obligations required.

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We have a team of highly qualified professionals, devoted to providing comprehensive advice on the current situation of an organization in the matter of occupational risk awareness, making it possible to identify high, medium and low risk points, with a psycho -social approach.

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Aptitude tests are not only the perfect complement for personnel selection, they also are an essential tool to evaluate the Human Capital within the organization. They allow to explore the competencies and characteristics of people in depth, and help to make decisions with information about skills, attitudes, interests and personality factors.

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The end of the period of work related activity can be a critical moment for many people. Similarly, for a company it can mean the loss of an important capital of experiences and knowledge of the business.

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