Best practices for successful talent management

PHI Training At HUMAN PHI we are aware of the importance of the people within an organization. This is why we encourage continuous learning through personalized training solutions that allow the Human Capital to update and increase their knowledge and skills.


In Company Training

In a globalized market, updating the skills and knowledge of your Human Capital is a strategic asset to develop your business.

Expanding the capabilities of your Human Capital will translate into improved performance that will give your company a competitive advantage.

At HUMAN PHI we provide Training Programs designed specifically for the needs of your organization, to achieve a performance by your Human Capital that is aligned with the strategic goals of your business. Leadership | Management of Effective Teams | Negotiation | Effective Time Management | Creativity and Innovation | Conflict Management and Resolution | Effective Public Speaking| Customer Loyalty through the Human Talent of the Organization | Sales Techniques | Human Talent Management | Decision Making | Coaching


E-learning & E-mobile Training

We have an e-learning & mobile platform to complement blended trainings, with multimedia content, practical exercises and evaluations for each module, as well as a variety of courses and extra material. It is also possible to monitor the utilization of the courses by the users.


Outdoor Training

Based on “experiential learning”, Outdoor Training is a method of training that consists mostly of team activities, whose main goal is to discover abilities and promote competencies to encourage team building, develop leadership, decision making, conflict resolution or effective communication.

The most relevant benefits are for those interpersonal skills that are directly related to emotional intelligence, and that should always be present in every organization:

Stimulates trust and promotes team building spirit, to improve cooperation and complementation among members.

  • Develops leadership and delegation skills.
  • Motivates participants for the commitments of everyday work.
  • Promotes communication and integration among different areas and members of an organization.
  • Builds resistance to stress
  • Improves rapid and ingenious reaction to pressured and changeable situations.
  • Builds trust among team members
  • Trains focus and vision
  • Creates a sense of belonging of the different departments of the company.



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