Best practices for successful talent management

Retirement programs

The end of the period of work related activity can be a critical moment for many people. Similarly, for a company it can mean the loss of an important capital of experiences and knowledge of the business.

The creation of Retirement Plans allows you to take care of the people at this stage, by planning their departure from the organization and helping them rearrange their everyday life. Furthermore, it makes it possible for the organization not to suffer important losses of experience and knowledge, as well as planning the adequate succession in the performance of the tasks.

Implementing Retirement Plans sends a message to all members of the organization about the attention and care provided by the company to its Human Capital.



Constant changes in the global market may require to reduce the workforce in different situations.

Displacement processes can be extremely harmful to the climate, productivity and image of a company. Among the activities of a responsible and sustainable business, Outplacement Services emerge as a process whose main goal is to support the displaced employee through a period of change, providing the necessary tools to move forward to new professional opportunities.

This shows commitment towards ex-employees, while maintaining motivation for current employees and upholding the image of the company within the community. Outplacement Services help humanize layoffs and minimizes the negative impact on productivity and corporate image.



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