Best practices for successful talent management

Provision of temporary staff is a service that will enable your organization to meet seasonal demands by fully delegating Human Capital management to HUMAN PHI, who will deal with selecting, providing and managing staff, complying with all the benefits and legal obligations required.

This way your company will be able to focus on the essential operations of the business, without taking time to manage its Human Capital, and to generate savings by transforming fixed costs into variable costs.

We have 25 years of experience and more than 12.000 workers in our payroll during all these years, being the main providers of the most important government organizations and renowned private companies.


Payroll Management

The payroll modules are designed to comply with the labor and contract obligations towards the employees, fiscal regulations, social security and pension funds aspects, management of benefits and incentives programs, and everything related to payment processes in an organization.



At HUMAN PHI we count on efficient technological tools to calculate payroll, completely eliminating the margin of error and guaranteeing the correct management of the payments and deductions of your collaborators, thus ensuring the transparency and security of the process.



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