Best practices for successful talent management

From the diagnosis, advising and execution of the continuous improvement strategies of the organizations, consulting is the tool that assists in implementing the strategies of the organizations through their people, to meet their goals.

At HUMAN PHI we have experts from every area regarding Human Resources Management. In order to achieve changes within an organization, there are specific actions based on the business model that allow for strategic planning of the Human Capital, talent management, generation of an action plan and measurable growth, as well as evaluating performance and managing change.


Process and Organization Design

The growth and development of every organization requires to scale up the structure and procedures of your company.

By designing the structure of your organization and establishing the work processes that are more suited to the singularities of your business, you will be able to scale up the Human Capital, save costs and maintain optimal quality levels.

With a team of specialized professionals, at HUMAN PHI we provide consulting tailored to the needs of your organization, taking part in all of its stages: start, reinvestment and collection.


Job Description

The precise identification of the responsibilities and tasks to be carried out by your Human Capital is fundamental to its strategic management. The creation of handbooks for the different positions will allow you to make the best decisions to invest in Human Resources, as well as to establish goals and expected performance.

From our expertise and knowledge, your organization can select the most appropriate format for this service, by being able to create job descriptions from competencies.


Performance Evaluation

The performance evaluation is a fundamental tool to achieve the strategic goals of any organization.

At HUMAN PHI we provide the design of techniques adjusted to the culture and business model of your organization as well as the training necessary to implement them. You will be able to ascertain the potential of your Human Resources, measure and redirect its execution according to pre-arranged goals, and to identify if it is required to improve their capabilities.


Development Plans

After evaluating the potential of your Human Capital, the design of Development Plans will allow you to plan the management and investment in this area in the medium and long run.

With this tool, you will have access to the information required to create retention and succession policies, thus avoiding loss of knowledge and experiences produced by your organization, through appropriate knowledge management. This allows us to define Human Capital management policies that are aligned with the strategic goals of your organization.


Definition of Compensation Systems

Defining salary policies is a key element in Human Capital Management. Establishing the economic benefits according to the assigned responsibilities and performance level achieved becomes an important tool that produces synergy in the management of your collaborators.

The economic evaluation of each position will allow you to objectively design and manage salaries and benefits as well as distributing them to optimize the performance of your Human Capital.


Organizational Climate Analysis

When managing your Human Capital, the satisfaction, motivation and commitment of the people represents a differential aspect in the global competition.

An Organizational Climate Analysis will allow you to manage the motivation of your collaborators by planning talent retention policies, as well as aligning their performance with the strategic goals of your organization.



We have the latest technological tools to measure Organizational Climate. PHI EXPLORER is a comprehensive information system based on research-action methodologies designed by experts in Behavior, Development and Organizational Change. It helps managers and professionals to collect, explore and analyze the concepts, opinions and perceptions of those situations and relationships where the human factor is present. /p>


Organizational Culture Analysis

The core values that inspire the organizations, as well as their history, provide a strategic capacity for the performance of the business.

The study of the Culture of your organization will provide precise information to create or modify its Vision and Mission. Additionally, it will allow you, according to the direction that you determine for your business, to evaluate how your Human Capital contributes to strengthening those values.

At HUMAN PHI we offer the latest and most suitable technical tools for your organization, as well as the strictest confidentiality of the information you provide.


Change Management

In a world with global competition, the flexibility of the organizations is considered a valuable asset. The possibility of adapting to different scenarios is a constant requirement for companies.

The processes of change have direct effects on clients and employees. Therefore, facing them in the best way possible can mean the difference between success and failure.

At HUMAN PHI we offer the latest tools to strategically plan changes within your organization, providing tailored solutions for your company and the type of changes it is facing.



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