Best practices for successful talent management

Aptitude tests are not only the perfect complement for personnel selection, they also are an essential tool to evaluate the Human Capital within the organization. They allow to explore the competencies and characteristics of people in depth, and help to make decisions with information about skills, attitudes, interests and personality factors.

They improve Human Capital management by providing reliable information that makes it possible to define and implement management policies such as career planning, incentive and compensation plans, and promotions.

At HUMAN PHI we use psycho-technical tests that are up to date and can be adjusted to the position evaluated in order to expand the knowledge of the companies on the applicants or collaborators. This has enabled us to evaluate employees for multiple private organizations, and to stand out from our competitors for the evaluation of thousands of people in the public sector.

The aptitude tests help making decisions about career development, training needs or possible promotions, rotations or transfers. We are pioneers when it comes to incorporating 100% online cutting edge tools for evaluating people, making it easier to interpret the results and improve Human Capital management. 



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