Best practices for successful talent management


Talent Selection

At HUMAN PHI we provide organizations with the people they need, using tools designed to attract, select, evaluate and incorporate the best candidates based on their talent and abilities, which is essential to optimize the investment in Human Capital.

  • Research on the best profile for the position

  • Recruitment:
    • Pre-selection
    • Interviews
    • Aptitude tests
    • Background check
  • Presentation of the best candidates, including a report.
  • Feedback
  • Follow up after hiring

Innovative tools for recruitment and personnel selection


Innovative tools for recruitment and personnel selection

We incorporate people that are unemployed or seeking a new career path into the labor market, providing more and new opportunities.


Innovamos con la incorporación de un nuevo concepto en evaluaciones psicométricas, 100% online, siendo únicos representantes de la herramienta en nuestro país.

Con PHI METRIX el talento se puede buscar, desarrollar y mantener, al conocer cómo piensan, qué las motiva y el por qué del accionar de las personas, a través de un completo informe el cual nos permite brindarle a nuestros clientes información fehaciente sobre el candidato, brindando la posibilidad al mismo de acceder al informe de su perfil para conocer dónde radican sus principales oportunidades de mejora.

Recruitment 2.0

New technologies and widespread use of social media demand that we incorporate new methods to ensure selecting the best possible candidates for each position. This is why Recruitment 2.0 has been positioned as a facilitating methodology that enriches the selection process by providing constant feedback and contact with candidates, with the Internet as the main work tool, and greatly improving the search for new talents

At HUMAN PHI we have adapted our selection process, benefitting from the Internet with new work tools. This is why we rely on social media and the best job search websites tocommunicate our job opportunities, reaching more and more people every day.



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